EDIS Backbone Status Information

2021-12-04 11:28 (UTC)

Planned maintenance start: 2021-12-03 04:30 (UTC) (1 day ago)
Planned maintenance end: 2021-12-03 08:40 (UTC) (1 day ago)
Planned maintenance duration: 4 hours

Location Service
Oostkamp, Belgium KVM

Server relocation

We would like to inform you that EDIS is launching its 4th generation cloud production system in Belgium on December 3, 2021, upgrading all existing Brugge-based services to the next generation of IntelĀ® processors and 100% SSD storage. EDIS adds additional transit providers and gets you connected to the Belgium Internet Exchange

* NTT, Cogent, Level3 (Lumen), Telia, GTT
* Internet Exchange - BNIX

to allow for higher speeds and reduced latency within Belgium and internationally.

During the platform upgrade, all services in Brugge will be relocated to our new platform in the Brussels metropolitan area and served from our most recent installation at Interxion Brussels (Zaventem, Brussels International Airport).

What are the benefits of this 60-miles move for you:

* Services from the very heart of the European Union (Brussels metropolitan area)
* Faster connections to local ISPs through local IXs
* Additional transit providers for further reduced latency internationally
* Next-generation IntelĀ® CPUs
* Lowest latency 100% SSD storage
* Powerful DDoS protection

Please note that there will be scheduled works taking place when upgrading the platform and migrating all VMs to the new production system.

Maintenance window
starts at December 03, 2021, 04:30 AM UTC
and will take no longer than 360 minutes.